New Home, New Year, & New Storage

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Happy Lunar New Year Everyone!!!

So exciting! This year is the first year I do not have school/class on Lunar New Year. No more being stuck in school when a majority of the people celebrating are home!

新年快樂 & 恭喜發財 ^___^
Sun nin faai lok/Xin nian kuai le & Gung hei faat choi/Gong xi fa cai

Hope everyone, who still gets red envelopes, get lots of them :P


I thought that this topic seems appropriate for a new year, don't you think?

Fresh start. Everything is cleaned and organized and ready for the new year :] Let's just hope everything stays this neat and tidy for a long time!

I'm sorry there aren't any celebration related photos today! I didn't want to repost any old photos I've taken during previous lunar new years or use ones from Google image. So here are some pictures of my new storage system.

If I am able to get any photos tomorrow (well this morning to be exact), I will definitely share them with everyone :]

I am being very picky about my furniture. Even after moving in for over a month now I still haven't had the time to find a computer table that suits what I wanted =.=

Therefore, my nightstand has to serve a different purpose for now hehe

If anyone is interested the night stand is from West Elm (Narrow-Leg End Table) and this bookcase/storage unit is from Ikea (Expedit Shelving Unit).

I actually really like the Ikea Shelving Unit. I didn't even know they even made these drawers! When I saw this on the website I thought I'd just use it as a bookcase or buy the fabric lined or plastic containers. Although the material isn't very sturdy it can hold light stuff pretty well. I hope/plan to buy a few more of the drawers in the future to store other stuff :D

Top drawer of the 2 smaller ones - Face

Holds my pressed powders, loose powders, blushers, bronzers, concealers, highlighters, a couple lip/cheek tints, and an eye palette/trio or two.

Bottom drawer of the two smaller ones - Eyes & Lips
Holds my eye makeup and lip products and a few N.Y.C. creme sticks.

Those dividers are from The Container Store. I first saw them in one of fuzkittie's makeup collection/storage video and thought they were very cool. I think that these work pretty well to divide products without having to buy different sectional containers (which usually cost more). However, you must remember to buy a minimum of 2 packages of these because even for such a small drawer I didn't have enough to section off everything. Hence, trying to be frugal and cheap, I had to use make-shift dividers using the leftover short pieces.

Bigger drawer - Misc.

Has all the new products that I haven't used, masks, tubes/bottles of product that I do not want to leave on top to collect dust. Since I took this picture, this drawer has been completely filled :X

My side of the bathroom :P ... Never thought I'd be able to say that yet!

I finally have enough space on the counter top to place all/most of my skincare items! Now I can put all the good stuff I buy on my face right after I wash. A big problem I had before I moved was my face being dried out by the time I walked from the bathroom to my bedroom. I've heard bloggers/YouTubers said that it is best to put serum/moisturizer/etc. on when your face is still bit moist or damp.

First drawer by the sink
Some bits and bobs of skincare that didn't fit on the countertop basket.

Second drawer by the sink
All my bases, primers, foundations, BB Creams, some highlighters, and my NAKED palette.
I have a big base makeup problem! I think I need to go on a base makeup ban =.=
A lot of my BB Creams are getting old :X

My ever-growing box of samples. I should really get to using these! :O< Compared to my last makeup collection from 2010(!), it has grown quite a lot. I have to admit my problem now that I'm looking at one set of photos next to the other >___< Maybe for the first few months of this year, I should just focus on using these products only and buy a few products (best would be no products) as possible!

Anyone else feels the same way? Why do things have to be always easier said than done :(

**Just in case the gov't people are still being strict about these things...Items shown were either bought by me or by my parents for me. I am not sponsored or affiliated by any of these companies. Although it would be nice if I was LOL...I do not get anything from the links available in the post, they are just posted to make it easier for readers and to help readers who are interested in the product.**


  1. EEEEP all I want to do is dive into your sample stash and use them all up! My "sample drawer" was getting out of control awhile back so I decided to organize it by product type and go through it as quickly as possible. That's probably the best emptying tip I have, you should try it! And definitely toss out base products that are over 2 years old and you don't like anymore. No need to cause yourself any breakouts!

  2. i love how u organized it all!! the ikea unit looks very nice =]

    happy new year!!! xx

  3. Ashley: Wow! That sounds like a fun thing I can do during the last few days of my winter break :P Hard work but definitely fun! Thanks for the tips :D

    ShinyPrettyThings: Thanks! This is probably the neatest it's ever been! & For the Ikea unit, I was actually hoping they'd have one that was 3x2 boxes rather than the 4x2...but now I think I'll end up using all the spaces xD Gotta love Ikea for some things haha

  4. Happy Lunar New Year to you too! ^____^
    Your collections looks so nice and there's so much variety. I feel like I have way too many eyeshadows hahaha xD

  5. Maggie: I think I have too many base products lol I'm content with just having my NAKED palette. & I really like to see other's collections :D Maybe I'm just a nosy person haha

  6. Your skincare collection is making me drooooool :D I like your new setup! It's really organized and clean looking! When I move (hopefully when I get my own place) I'll definitely be really picky about my furniture and everything too!

    I tagged you for the Cute Blog Award tag here: If you have time, it'd be great if you could do it too! :D

  7. AngelicBetrayal: It's embarrassing to show all this stuff I have =X I figured I should probably start from perfecting my skin first since I'm still very obsessed with the korean celebs' natural look hehe & Thanks for the tag! :D I missed that post! I'll definitely try to get to it before school starts again. I already lost all the other tags I had bookmarked when my computer had to cleaned out :(

  8. Happy Lunar New Year! I love looking at how other people organize their beauty products cause it's an area that could easily get out of control for me. I have so many samples that I need to use as well.

  9. Rainy Days and Lattes: Thanks! I hope it stays this way for at least a few months xD

    rolala: Me too! When I went over to one of my friend's house I really wanted to look at her vanity. I felt so nosy >__<

  10. Those divider things look so helpful.. My makeup is kind of a mess because I need to find some way of organizing everything better. I'm going to have to think about getting something similar!

    Is that a panda as your desktop background?!

  11. MissFeelo: They are! However, IMO, depending on how big your drawer/space is it might be easier/cost friendly to just find container dividers of some sort. Or you could always try to find something similar for a cheaper price than what The Container Store sells them for :P

    Yup it's a panda! :D An awkward panda from the wongfuproductions store to be exact lol It's so cute. I can't order the actual thing so a wallpaper will have to do hehe

  12. I have the dividers too, and yes one pack alone isn't enough! I haven't been home in ages, and having to clean my room is a daunting prospect, which is why it is still messy on the fourth day of new year >.<

  13. Blair: You're not the only one! If it wasn't for all the tempting empty space available I probably wouldn't have organized anything! xD I still have a lot of boxes left to unpack & organize >__<;; How packs many of those dividers did you end up using?

  14. Your shelving unit is adorable. It's all clean, chic, and everything. :) Niceeee.

    I can't help but notice the Etude House Acne Cleanser. Is it a good product? OMG i spy the Stereo Rose MSF! hahaha Love collection posts.

    Happy New Years too. LOLOL I'm like one week late to say this.

  15. Popcorn: Happy new year! :D It's alright because I think new years celebration is suppose to be like a week long? LOL I've been using it recently and it is pretty good. It didn't dry out my skin or make it tight. But it doesn't completely prevent acne. The cleanser (for me) is kind of similar to the Hada Labo Tamagohada cleanser. & What a good eye...could tell that is Stereo Rose! hehe

  16. Yay! Congrats that you're all settled in your new house :D your room is so clean!! (is it still this clean??? lololololol!!) *looks around at my messy room* okay I'm gonna go clean my room after I'm done reading your blog XD

    hehehe you have sooo much makeup!!! I actually think you might have more makeup than I do... lol!! And no worries I have base makeup abuse issues as well XD I always feel like if your skin looks even and healthy and glowing, then you just automatically look pretty and refreshed :P
    I have problems focusing on using up makeup products as well :X I'm very good with my skincare products... but... I just keep buying new makeup!! ahh!! I see girls hitting pan and using up their makeup all the time and I'm like... how on earth did you do it?!?!?!?! O_O!!! I wish makeup products come in smaller sizes XD

    1. It's more or less still the same. I've actually gotten a table now so this is getting messier (rather than my floor lol).
      We both need to try our hardest to use up our makeup! :X I wonder how they finish all those products too...should share their secrets with us! hehe