Feeling Accomplished & New UGG Boots

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I've mentioned this before, but I'll say it again...I'm a huge drama junkie! Probably too much for my own good, especially when it's school time. I have curbed my habits a lot the past few months but during winter break...I was fulfilling my drama lemmings.

One, in particular, was Park Min Young's Man of Honor or Glorious Jane. I became a fan of Park Min Young after watching her in City Hunter and couldn't wait for her new drama. It didn't disappoint. Definitely wasn't as good as City Hunter and was a bit on the traditional k-drama side but was still interesting enough where I wanted to watch until the end.

However, throughout the whole drama, I was very distracted by her shoes. Of course, I liked her character's style, as I do for almost all Korean celebrities' styles, but for some reason, her boots stood out to me most. Maybe because I could see myself wearing it? hehe

I was obsessed...almost, maybe a lot lol...I really wanted to find out what the brand was. I knew in my mind that it will be probably really expensive. But I still wanted to know. I searched through google and some k-pop fashion blogs, yet had no luck. School started again and studies took priority.

Then a few weeks ago, I thought...why not try Naver? (Naver is a Korean search engine.) I know some Korean...maybe I could navigate my way through?

When I FINALLY found what I was looking for I was soo excited! Typing my search wasn't too hard. (박민영 영광의 재인 신발 ...translates to Park Min Young Man of Honor/Glorious Jane shoes...was what did the trick!) Clicking through the searches is just like any other search engine. The real problem was reading through the Korean websites...I can type, read, write, speak a little bit...but can't comprehend xD Luckily my limited knowledge of Korea was enough because I was able to find what I wanted. Thank goodness for Koreans and their love of celebrity fashion & of course photos! :D

I was very shocked to find out that it was actually an UGG boot, UGG Sophia to be exact. I guess UGG stepped outside their normal boot realm and made heeled boots. Unfortunately, this was very hard to locate because I think this was an older release/limited release item.

It was so difficult to find a place that sold these shoes. I actually spotted a physical store that sold heeled UGG boots, but they were the knee-high versions =.= Luckily, I came across them on zappos.com and their sister site 6pm.com. 6pm had it almost for 50% off! Whereas Zappos had it for ~40% off. However, by the time I finally decided to buy the shoes...both ran out of my size. I've never ordered from either before. So I did some review searching and found Zappos' to be way better than 6pm's. Since I decided to risk it and order half a size up from my normal size I went with Zappos (the more expensive one) for the better return/exchange/customer service.

The shoes came very fast! I forgot the actual number of days because bestie helped me order and I got them from her a few days after it arrived, but it was definitely under a week. Very fast! Especially since it's free shipping. I wish I found these a bit earlier so I could actually wear them in the colder weather. Spring just started to really show in NYC and the warmer weather is here :[ I've tried them around the house and having it half a size up isn't too big of a problem. In fact, if I choose to wear thicker socks it would probably fit just fine!

The whole time I was searching through English shoe sites I thought the heels were stacked heels but it is actually a rubber material. Not complaining, just wasn't expecting it. Now I have to satisfy my stacked-heel lemming!

Like I said, I was so obsessed with finding the shoes. I noted everything about the shoes while watching the drama and Googled as many photos of her wearing them as I could.

They looked suede...which these are.
They had metal rings around the shoelace holes...check.
I thought they were stacked style...I observed wrong but that's okay.
I noticed some fur in certain promo pictures...check!

However, I wasn't expecting fur on the bottom of the shoe as well! A great plus for winters. My feet get cold soo easily. One of the reasons why I love my normal UGGs (I know they're not a very pretty style but they're warm!). Now...the best of both worlds? Warm and stylish :P

Has anyone also had moments like this? Seeing someone wear something you really like/love and want and then finally find it after what seems like an endless search?


  1. Omg how exciting that you finally found them!! :D They're so pretty! Have you thought about putting in-soles in it? Maybe it would fit better :)

  2. LittoMokaa: I'm not sure how well insoles would work since they are lined on the bottom as well. Thank goodness these fit pretty comfortable with normal socks on!

  3. Aww! So glad you found the shoes you were looking for! That's always the best feeling! I didn't realize that UGG makes heeled boots either!

  4. Stephanie: I think UGG should make more heeled boots! IMO I think these look very nice :D Even though I find other more popular/eye-catching items that celebrities wear, I can never even dream of affording it (at least not right now lol).

  5. I had no idea UGG made these kind of boots! I'm so happy to hear you were able to track them down. :D

  6. OMG! congrats on finding these gorgeous pairs of shoes. :) dudee park min young is soo pretty. You shud do an outfit of the day with these

  7. Shop N' Chomp: At first I thought they would be some expensive korean brand because Park Min Young wore a lot of korea brand clothing for the shoes. One of the reasons why I was so shocked when I found out it was UGGs :D

    Popcorn: I'll try! I don't know if they will be anymore strange sudden cold days now...xD

  8. I think UGG only started branching out their footwear designs recently and they always include the sheep/wool soles. I have seen a slew of their new designs and original Bailey Buttons in random (read: ugly) colours at Nordstrom Rack but never this one, probably cause it's actually the few decent booties Ugg has produced :P The chunky heel is perfect!

  9. Nice! I've actually seen similar shoes around too.

  10. Ashley: I think the original UGGs in random colors look best one little children! lol UGG should take the hint and release more of these boots or similar ones! :P

  11. lol I am impressed! I didn't even know you could type Korean! congrats on finding the shoes after all that =DDD and they are SUPER cute! I agree I thought they were gonna be the stacked heels too... but maybe it's because the rubber material will make them safer to wear in the winter? =)

    I didn't even know Park Min Young has short hair now O_O she looks so young and cute! makes me kind of want to chop my hair off O_O+ although I think I would look like a middle schooler if I do have short hair -_-""

    I don't think I've ever looked for something with such intensity XD I have a relatively short attention span and get distracted easily? LOL

  12. Frances: I'll have to see how they hold up next winter. The weather forecast for the next few days in NYC says it'll be very very warm!...I tend to link short hair with being more mature? But I guess it also depends on what kind of short-hair style :P

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