Review: BeautyMate Hydro Power Collagen Cream

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Product Description & Ingredients:

Places to Purchase:
Sasa< Try your local Asian beauty store!

What you'll see after opening the box

Glass jar with a plastic lid. I love glass jars because it gives the packaging some weight. I won't feel like I'll knock it over very easily. However, the lid is such a disappointment. It feels so cheap and flimsy...Besides that, I'm usually not too bothered by jarred products but this one is a little different. You can see that the jar actual tapers from small at the bottom to bigger at the top and then even smaller where the opening is. It was very difficult to get the product out from under that crevice!

✻ (From packaging) Cleanse face and used toner, apply cream to the forehead, chin, cheek, and neck area, then spread out evenly and gently massage until thoroughly absorbed. Recommended use in mornings and evenings.
✻ (What I did) Take some product onto my fingers, rub my fingers together slightly, smooth the product onto my face, and then pat it into my skin.

I tried their method and I prefer my method. I'm not too sure how to massage my face and I don't want to just massage randomly and possibly cause wrinkling.

✻ Affordable, but can be pricey depending on the seller. Sasa's price is relatively low.
✻ Moisturizes well, but sometimes wasn't enough against my flaky skin.
✻ Did not break me out
✻ Isn't oily. I felt it was actually very light for a cream product.
✻ Has hyaluronic acid

✻ Difficult to get a hold of. Must buy online for the low price.
✻ Packaging is a big turn off.
✻ Other than moisturizing, I didn't really see the other claims happen on my skin
✻ Has parabens
✻ Has fragrance

Probably not. It was okay while it lasted but nothing wowed me...

Hard to say...Maybe if you need to add something for free-ship on Sasa? As a moisturizer, I think there are better alternatives out there.


Disclaimer: These are just the results I had while using the product. Remember, everyone else's skin is different!! What may have worked for me, may not work for you & what may not have worked for me, may work for you. Try the product at your own risk! I bought this product with my own money and am in no way connected to the companies mentioned. This is my honest opinion!


  1. I never heard of this product and I don't think I'd purchase it since it didn't seem to stand out to you :) Looks like a pretty standard moisturizer in a somewhat fancy looking jar haha!

    I just awarded you with a Blogger Appreciation Award here:

  2. mmhmm too bad it wasnt super amazing :( I like how it comes with the scooping thing though. teheh I got enought skincare at the moment. gotta use it all before my desires start wandering

  3. AngelicBetrayal: It definitely was. But I'm glad I tried it and got it off my lemming list heh & Thanks for the award! :D I'll try to get to it soon.

    Popcorn: The spatula is actually from the Naruko Eye Gelly! What a great mindset :] I need to start thinking like that more before products start piling up too much in my drawers haha xD

  4. I don't think I've ever tried collagen cream before so thank you for your review! Sorry it didn't work out. T_T