Swatch: OPI Lucerne-taintly Look Marvelous

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I found that I really love how dark glittery polishes look on my nails. Something about how it creates shadows/depth that makes my very wide nails look so thin and pretty in shape! This isn't to say I don't love pastels of course! Also I find that microglitter is a way easier to remove than chunkier glitter polishes.

I actually got to try this particular polish shade when bestfriend bought it about a year or so ago. I loved it then but could never find it at the nail supply store myself. She said they were there but I could never spot it. Luckily we all went a few days ago and with her help I finally have one to call my own!

To what I can see...this is a metallic black with fine purple green and silver microglitters. However don't quote me on this since I'm not very versed in the nailpolish vocabulary department.

With one light layer.
It doesn't look this bad in person, really! I think the flash made a bit more extreme.

If you really want, I think you could wear one layer. I probably would if I didn't have the time to sit and wait for many layers to dry. I don't think that under normal circumstances, you'd be able to see the nails this much. It'll probably look like how the ring finger looks...or a little darker.

After this point, the swatches are with 2 layers of the polish and a base and top coat.

Indoor lighting + Flash

Forgot if this was natural or artificial lighting...but this definitely had flash

Natural Lighting + Flash

Natural Lighting + No Flash

What are some of your favorite polish shades?


  1. Haha...I'm boring so my fave polish is red. XD Really love this color on you, Mandy!

    (Hmm...I think it depends on the cut. All I do with mine is blow dry. ;P)

  2. Shop N' Chomp: Thanks! :] I actually have tried any red polishes yet. They're a little intimidated xD