Where did winter go?

11:15:00 PM mandy 5 Comments

Spring is here, but I still miss the snowy winter that never came this year.

Sure the flowers are pretty and the weather is warmer.
The grass is greener and the trees have life again.
But all this means for an allergy sufferer like me is pain and lots of tissues...
It sounds gross, yet that is the reality of what goes on every March to sometimes even May.

Although I don't love the slushy black mess after a snow storm any more than I like allergies.
Right now, I feel anything would be better than this.

Plants and flowers...please bloom faster!

Any others suffering from Spring allergies as well?

How do you handle/fix the dry and hard skin around your nose after going through so many tissues? Help!


  1. oh no... i hope you don't get super bad allergies :[

    i like fall the most... do you?

  2. Sorry to hear about your allergies. :( I had an allergy problem last year and had to see a doc for meds. It was no fun. For the dry skin, I would moisturize like crazy.

  3. I have year round allergies (boo!!) and there's almost nothing that permanently cures my dry, flaky nose area. However, it does help if I switch between a light moisturizer and a heavy moisturizer around the nose weekly so the skin doesn't get used to the extra moisture. Also, slap on a rosebud salve at night to keep in the moisture from your creams and stuff.
    You could go all out and apply a little bit of the salve before blowing your nose. I only do that when my nose starts cracking though - it's painful if I don't ><

  4. Yaa I get allergies too! :( I dont really do anything about it since I like to not medicine unless it is absolutely necessary. haha

  5. Robots in trouble: I actually like inbetween seasons the most, particularly summer-fall and winter-spring :P

    Shop N' Chomp: Ah..meds don't even help that much now! I just take them as a "just-in-case" it does decide to work that day =.=

    Ashley: Me too! But my allergies are super bad during the spring. I need to find myself a heavier moisturizer then! I just used up a cream before the allergies really started to kick in :[ I've never tried rosebud salve for anything other than lips! Should try that next time, thanks! :D

    Popcorn: Really? I can't stand it without medication. I could go through almost a full box of tissues without meds :X