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I have to admit, it took a while for me to get on board the whole canvas shoe phase. When I first saw them, I thought they looked too much like the shoes that were worn in China years ago (and what my grandpa still sports now). But after trying them on for myself, I don't think I could go back to any other shoe for casual wear.
Very easy to slip on and off.
Doesn't take long to break them in.
Doesn't cinch my toes like Converses do.
Very comfy.
Although...I think this one depends on the brand.
The arch in the first pair I had took some time getting used to.

However, I have yet to buy a pair of TOMS because they are quite pricey. I know that I shouldn't support the 'copy-catters'...but discounts and deals are hard to say no to. Perhaps for my next pair, they shall be TOMS! I've had a sparkly/glittery pair that I bought from Century21, which I completely worn out. I recently bought another pair, Gloriee from Madden Girl, that is black with white skulls print.

Left: Rebert's Toucan $68 ...... Right: Dure's Pink Flowers $68
TOMS sent a e-newsletter to announce a new collaboration to support local Haitian artists. I didn't think much of it. When I browsed the collection, I immediately fell in loved with these two. (More so the flower because it's easier to pair everyday outfits with. But the Toucan shoe is so colorful!)

Left: Grey Ikat $54...... Middle: Tyler Ramsay Speckled Dot $688 ...... Right: Splatter $54
If pricing wasn't an issue, I would love TOMS just for their variety. I usually gravitate towards the solid colors. But these 3 stood out to me. I especially like the middle one!

What do you think of TOMS or this style of shoes?


  1. been eyeing toms since... forever and I still don't have a pair.. I like all the prints but I think a plain navy blue pair will do :)