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Today was a very relaxing and well spent day full of chatting and catching up with lilladyslife & Karyi. There weren't any specific plans other than to have lunch. Many places we went to were impromtu and very random (like Trader Joe's and Barnes & Noble). But I cannot complain about that since I get to explore the city more this way. (I am too much of a hermit anyways :P)

Peacefood Cafe
41 E 11th St
(between Broadway & University Pl)
New York, NY 10003

Mediterranean Over-Dried Seasonal Vegetables Panini
with cashew cheese, basil spinach pesto
This was my first vegan meal. I had no expectations going in. All I hoped was that I would be able to finish the whole meal and not let anything go to waste since I'm not a very big veggies person. Thankfully, it wasn't half bad! It even tasted kind of meaty..

Our next stop took us to Washington Square Park. Luckily it was sunny and breezy ... my favorite weather combo! It is such a nice place to people watch. If you don't mind getting a little wet, you could actually go in and sit in the fountain steps. Apparently, there is a guy who always plays the piano at the park. & I've also occasionally seen people doing chalk/sand art by the arch.

Amorino Gelato
60 University Pl
(between 10th St & 11th St)
New York, NY 10003

Middle cone: Caramel, Sweet Pistachio, and Hazelnut Gelato 'Petals'
After we sat under the sun for a while, we were all craving ice cream. Karyi remembered that a place nearby sold ice cream that's shaped like a flower and I was sold! I'm not sure how gelato differs from ice cream but this cone tasted really good. The next time I visit, I am going to choose the fruitier flavors & make a more colorful flower.

Asia goodies from Karyi!

MBD Natto Mask, Sasatinnie Platinum White Truffle Mask, Silk Whitia Whitening Essence Mask
Pretz HK Sea Food Flavored ...... Pretz Abalone in Oyster Sauce Flavored
All things I have never tried before. So excited!! I didn't even know Pretz made any other flavors outside of Salad. Have I been missing out on some really interesting Pretz flavors?!


  1. oh such a nice day! you had the best photo of all the cones i think! mine ws a bit blurry. Gelato uses cream while ice cream uses milk ironically!
    Let's meet again soon! wishing u a very happy summer!

    1. If I didn't catch some feet in the background it would have been better :P
      Hmm that's interesting! I always thought ice cream also used cream too.

  2. OMGGGGGGGGGG! i had amorino gelato in barcelona!! i forgot to take a pic of it.. i love their gelato.. the specaloos flavor is my favorite!! :p

  3. Had a great day hanging out with you yesterday :) Hope you enjoy the goodies!

  4. o0o0o I love your pictures and the food!

  5. omg the gelato petals!! loving all of your amazing pics :)

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