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After Bestie C took me to Smorgasbar at South Street Seaport, we both knew we had to make a trip to Smorgasburg in Brooklyn. They actually have 2 separate locations, one for Saturday and another for Sunday. Since we went yesterday (Saturday), we had to make the trek to Williamsburg to get our tummies filled up. Otherwise, Sunday go-ers would need to find their way to the DUMBO location.

Smorgasburg Williamsburg | East River State Park | 90 Kent Ave & North 7th Street | 11AM - 6PM
Smorgasburg DUMBO | Tobacco Warehouse | 30 Water Street | 11AM - 6PM

It was both of our first time going to Williamsburg so inevitably we ended up taking a full 2 hours to reach the destination once we left our houses. Mostly because we took one too many subway transfers and rode the longer way there. Now we know better for next time! The L train is VERY VERY close to the Williamsburg location (as in just a few avenues). When in doubt, I think it's probably safe to walk towards the water!


Hibisbus Doughnut - $2.75 each
I made sure I went on an empty stomach. But by the time we got to Smorgasburg, I was starving. I did my homework/research the night before and knew my first stop had to be to get a donut. Have to fulfill my sweet tooth early! I can't say I loved this doughnut though, a little too sweet for my liking. (It could be because all the sweetness comes from the thick top layer of icing.) The doughnut itself was very fluffy and soft. This is something I would prefer to share rather than finish whole by myself.

Best Summer

Poached Shrimp & Brisket Summer Rolls - 2 for $7 ... 3 for $10
Something Bestie wanted to try, so we shared two. I think this was one of the duds of the day. It tasted rather...ordinary. I liked the peanut sauce though.

Home Frite

Fry Cone with Summer Peach BBQ sauce - $5
Something we got to munch one while we were on the long line for a ramen burger. The fries got saltier as we ate towards the bottom of the cone and many of the pieces were just small potato bits. Wasn't a big fan of this buy. However, I saw that their website listed special fries with duck, bacon cheddar, or even poutine. Perhaps next time!

The line for the famous Ramen Burger was LONG! We started waiting around 12:30 ish and I think we stood for a total of 1.5 hours, plus or minus some. This is just showing the 2nd turn of the line. It went on past 2 light poles!
Halfway through, the creator came towards us counting off the number of burgers they had left. To our luck, he stopped at a pair of hopeful customers right in front of us and handed off the "I might be the lucky person" cardboard signage! Even though they wanted to purchase 2 burgers, he said there was only 1 left. Despite hearing this, Bestie insisted we stick it out...JUST IN CASE.

Ramen Burger - $8
Luckily for us and a few people behind us, we were able to get our hands on a ramen burger. (We only intended on getting one to share anyways.) Who knows how that happened! But I'm glad there was enough for us. Their wrapping was really interesting. But I really wish we knew about it's secret technology before hand. According to Keizo Shimamoto's blog, the wrapper is suppose to hold all the juices/soup from the burger..but it ended up all over us instead.

The both of us agreed that it was good while it lasted. We particularly liked the burger and sauce combo more so than the noodles...but it did give the burger a very interesting texture. I suppose it would be closest to how it would feel to eat a bite of ramen and a hamburg steak together. This is probably not something I would line up so long (and under the scorching sun) for again. Unless...maybe if they offered a different version? Of course, I do not regret trying it. It's always great to try new foods!

BiteMe Cheesecake
Chocolate Lust - $3 each ... Box of 3 $9 ... Box of 12 $36
After the long wait for a ramen burger was over, we headed to yet another long line to grab ourselves a refreshing drink. But my sweet tooth was tingling again when I noticed this stall. They didn't have the flavors that I originally wanted to try, so I ended up choosing the oddball chocolate of what they did have. It was very reminiscent of a brownie in texture. I really like the bite size portion, but it is rather pricey. Yet...I still want to try the other flavors as well. Err I'm conflicted!

Pecan Patti

Citrus Sweet Tea - $6
The star of the day! Of course, a day full of waiting on lines probably made this taste extra good. We saw so many people walking around & on the ramen burger line with these mason jars. The line for the tea was surprisingly very long as well. Thankfully, this was well worth the wait! & You definitely get a good deal for your money. The mason jar probably holds about 4 cups of the tea and ice. However...the menu sign for this stand was a little confusing. Bestie C mistaken their dessert menu for the tea flavors because some of their sweets were also sold in jars. (We should have figured from the names but we really did think they just had really quirky drink names.) The signs and descriptions for the teas can only be seen once you reach their table. Luckily, we overheard others around us and made our decision just before we reached the stand. This would definitely be on my list to buy if I visit Smorgasburg again.

After today, I did get a few shades darker. But I must say, I don't mind it. I am in need of lots of vitamin D anyways! Despite the long lines and scorching sun, I still want to visit again. There are so many vendors, so many different foods to try, all located in one place. It is hard to resist. I didn't even get to try all the vendors I had on my list, there are still 8 left. Considering that we were able to go to more than 6 between the both of us, I think one more visit to Smorgasburg should be enough to satisfy me. But of course I won't complain if I get to go more than once! Luckily, this food gathering continues on until late November. So there is still plenty of time to get my food fix.

Has anyone else gone to Smorgasburg? How was your experience?
Are there similar food gatherings where you live?


  1. Everything there looks so good. I recently got the chance to try the main lobster roll and it was so scrumptious. Hope you enjoy your remaining summer days.

  2. Ooh, I definitely want to try the ramen burger and the tea! :) Looks delicious. I've been to only the one in DUMBO once because my bf and I stumped upon it by accident while we were there.

  3. I haven't been to Smorgasburg yet but you're seriously tempting me with this post Mandy. I was reading about people waiting on line for that Ramen Burger and i guess you were one of them :) I'm curious about it but def. not enough to wait in line for hours O_o

    J. Crew has some pretty good sales if you're willing to be patient. I've never paid full price. Thanks for your support re: my ankle. I need to recover so I can get out to Smorgasburg lol

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  4. I wanted to go to Williamsburg this summer but my friends all wanted to go to the landmark places T_T the biteme cheesecake looks so huge in this pic, I was so surprised that it's bite size lol. I reallyyyyy want to try the ramen burger XD