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Revlon Treat & Boost, Revlon Extra Life No Chip Top Coat, Revlon Liquid Quick Dry, Maybelline Gel Stick Foundation - 230 Natural Buff
It is rare that I finish anything nails related. Top coats, however, are probably the exception; not that I have ever used up a bottle of top coat before. But all the ones that I have owned end up getting really thick and goopy & pretty much unusable. I had a hard time deciding between Extra Life and Liquid Quick Dry. of the two (or both) will end up being a good pick. Treat & Boost was the impulse buy.

Once the summer came, I ended up getting pretty tanned (especially after going to an amusement park). Most of my BB Creams and foundations didn't match my neck well or they felt too thick in the summer heat. When I saw the reviews of the Maybelline Gel Stick Foundation show up in my feeds, I was intrigued. I have never tried a stick foundation before. It was hard to decide what color to choose & hard to find any medium skin-toned ones that weren't already opened. But in the end, I picked 230 because even if it is too dark I can always use it as a contour/shading product. Has anyone else tried this product yet?

Shiseido Anessa Perfect Gel Sunscreen SPF50+ PA++++ and Leaders Insolution UV Moist Sun Gel SPF30 PA++ set
As per suggestions in my skin condition post, I took to imomoko & Sasa to find a gel sunscreen. I ended up placing an order with imomoko because I was intrigued by the Leaders Insolution sunscreen and Sasa didn't carry it. (But for those who are interested in the Anessa sunscreens, it is cheaper on!) I have never heard of Leaders Insolution before, but it seems to be skin friendly & dermatologist created. (Hopefully that isn't only a part of their marketing scheme.) I definitely didn't need 2 sunscreens, but what can I say? I'm a sucker for the word sale. Plus, it was an excuse for me to finally try an Anessa sunscreen.

I know I definitely did not need any more beauty goods. A browse at a store usually always leads to me buying more than what I need. Does this happen to anyone else?


  1. I don't need any more beauty goods either but there always seem to be new temptations or sales. I just got an email that Sephora is offering 2x points this week and I'm so tempted to get something from the new Marc Jacobs makeup line.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  2. Haha well what usually works with me --- usually --- is I chant in my head the whole duration of the time I am in Duane Reade or what have you. The chant is something like "do not buy anything do not buy anything". Those nail picks look good! I am very curious about the Dior gel top coat that I saw Eva Chen mention. She's been raving about seche vite top coat for so long that it was shocking to see the switch in products!

  3. Looking forward to your review on these.

  4. even though you dont need anymore sunscreens after purchasing those two, I HIGHLYYYYY recommend Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence Water Base SPF55. It's so light in texture, like a lightweight moisturizer and it has a slight hint of lemony smell to it making it refreshing to have on your face rather than that "sunscreen smell" if you know what I mean.

    and im curious about that stick foundation. ItsJudyTime did a review on it and she thought it was pretty decent. Not the best, but not super average either. Let us know how it goes! :)