Current Faves | Underarm Deodorant Routine

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Now that the summer season is in full swing, these two guys have been a lifesaver for me and my underarms.

Current Faves, Underarm Deodorant Routine

Stick deodorants were a part of my routine since I first started to buy deodorants in elementary school. A teacher I had then gave us a talk about growing up and body changes. One of the things she mentioned was body odor and deodorants. Can you believe that happened 13 years ago?

Since then I have very diligently applied deodorant every morning. I tend to get smelly even if I don't feel like I am sweating a lot. Genes...what can ya do?

Current Faves, Crystal Body Deodorant Spray, Natural Aluminum-free Deodorant

I forgot how long ago I decided to switch over to natural deodorant sprays but it has definitely been my staple underarm odor defender for at least 1 year.

The main reason why I changed from the traditional deodorants to this natural option was due to the yellow stains on my sleeved shirts. You know...those horrid patches where the shirt sits near your armpits! I've seen articles and tips where people use panty liners as protectors. But that idea never sat well with me. It would be an extra step in the day to remove the padding and I assumed having padding in the pits area couldn't be all that comfortable.

Even though the health trend is pretty strong nowadays, I didn't even know much about the supposed harmful things related to aluminum ingredients in the big name deodorants. This was solely an aesthetic reason.

Current Faves, Crystal Body Deodorant Spray Label, Natural Aluminum-free Deodorant

The ingredients list on this is short but whatever is in there is effective. Few spritz on the left size, few spritz on the right side, and done! It may not block your body odor 100% but the smell is neutralized enough, at least for me, so that it isn't so offensive. I feel confident enough to even hold the over-head bars in the New York City subways when I am wearing a tank in the summer heat.

I didn't realize it before but I think the key player in the odor neutralizing is Sodium Bicarbonate a.k.a. baking soda. If you're looking into natural deodorants, it is probably better to go with one that has this ingredient in it.

Crystal brand's Body Deodorant Spray is one that I have used over and over again. It may be a little difficult to find in drugstores like CVS and Walgreens but some may carry it. If not try a GNC shop (that's where I found my most recent one). Otherwise natural supermarkets like Whole Foods also carry other brands of deodorant sprays as well.

Current Faves, Deodorant Sprays

The Crystal deodorant spray is scentless. The only scented deodorant spray I have tried is the Welda Citrus Deodorant. I found this one at Whole Foods when I was in need of a travel-sized deodorant.

Current Faves, Welda Citrus Deodorant Spray Label

For those that like a scent this may be the way to go but the ingredients list doesn't look as natural/minimal as the Crystal spray. This Welda spray has alcohol and fragrances as the top few ingredients. Those sensitive to these may want to skip it.

If I were to compare the two the Crystal spray is more deodorant like (neutralizes odor) while the Welda spray is more body spray like (adds a better scent on top). If you are looking for an anti-perspirant these probably aren't the products to look at.

Current Faves, Etude House Put Your Hands Up Deo Multi-Powder

After spraying my underarms, I like to go about my skincare and makeup routine to give the spray a chance to dry. Before changing into my clothes for the day I make sure to tap each armpit with this Etude House Put Your Hands Up Deo Multi-Powder (boy that was a mouthful).

I picked this up while in Korea last summer and am loving it. Even though the deodorant spray isn't tacky or anything when it dries, there is still the slight moist feeling sometimes when I don't wait long enough. The powder helps to set it much like how one would use powder to set liquid makeup.

Current Faves, Etude House Put Your Hands Up Deo Multi-Powder Label
Current Faves, Etude House Put Your Hands Up Deo Multi-Powder Label

The Etude House powder seems to have talc, silica, dimethicones, and other things I've heard that people could be sensitive to. But I am sure other powder products like talc-free baby powder will probably have the same effect as well. It is just that I really like this oversized puff applicator/container. It makes applying the powder a breeze. I will definitely be cleaning it out and reusing it after I use up the pre-existing powder.

For those who are feeling crafty there are many tutorials to make DIY natural deodorant sticks, sprays, and powders. I only recently found those out so I may or may not try it in the future. Will definitely share results if I do.

What's your deodorant routine like (if you don't mind me asking)?