Wandering Tales | Brunch & Ice Cream Bonanza in Fort Greene

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If I am ever asked to say what comes to mind for "Fort Greene" the namesake park is the first thought. The second would be the high school I attended. After that...maybe the brownstone houses. Otherwise I would say that I am pretty unfamiliar with the neighborhood despite having visited regularly for 4 years.

It took graduating high school and college before going back to Fort Greene to do some exploring. Then again I wasn't that adventurous in high school. Whilst in college, being away from your old school and moving on was the idea. Now is the time to feel sentimental.
Decor at Walter's, Fort Greene, Brooklyn, NYC Brunch at Walter's, Fort Greene, Brooklyn, NYC
Walter's @ Fort Greene
166 DeKalb Ave Brooklyn, NY 11217
When we heard about the Ice Cream Bonanza at the Brooklyn Flea, Bestie C and I were signed up (figuratively speaking of course). Before filling out tummies with sugar, sugar, and more sugar, brunch in Fort Greene was our top priority in the morning.

We found Walter's via trusty Yelp the night before. Luckily we got there before it got really busy and were seated right away. Their brunch selection is small but I arrived knowing exactly what I wanted: the classic eggs benedict with grilled ham steak. It was definitely delicious, but between you and me I've had better (but that was all the way in Bellevue, WA). The other good part was trying a mimosa for the first time. I quite like this kind of bubbly fruity cocktail.

Milkmade Ice Cream Flight at Fort Greene Brooklyn Flea, NYCMilkmade Ice Cream Flight Flavors at Fort Greene Brooklyn Flea, NYC
The Ice Cream Bonanza awaited us a few blocks away at the Fort Greene Flea. Our first choice wasn't a difficult one to make since not all the vendors were set up. MilkMade got the upper-hand and their ice cream flight caught us right away. I was happy since it meant not having to pick any one flavor. Everyone around us who saw our wooden rack filled with melting ice cream cones were intrigued. Especially the little kiddies who looked and pointed with jealous. Sorry parents!
Milkmade Ice Cream Flight at Fort Greene Brooklyn Flea, NYC
L to R: Shooting the Pear, Amagansett Sea Salted Caramel, Rumble in Brighton, Rock Rock Rockaway Road, The Orchard
MilkMade - Ice Cream Flight $12
My flavor preference was:
1. Rock Rock Rockaway Road
2. Shooting the Pear or Rumble in Brighton
4. The Orchard
5. Amagansett Sea Salted Caramel

I am partial to ice cream flavors with a crunch texture, hence why Rock Rock Rockaway Road won number 1. The two tied came about because the last two just weren't my favorites. If you like lavender, floral-y flavored sweets The Orchard might be a really great choice. Compared to other lavender flavored sweets I have had I found this one the most tolerable and not overpowering (i.e. not like a candle). While salted caramel or anything caramel-y is one of my "go to" ice cream flavors, this one was just way too salty for my liking.

Bamboo Bites Chicken Satay Sticky Rice at Fort Greene Brooklyn Flea, NYC
Bamboo Bites - Chicken Satay Sticky Rice $9
I don't know why but I think the both of us were half expecting the flea market to be part knick-knack vendors and part ice cream vendors only. When we were tempting everyone with our ice cream flight, everyone else's bamboo boats of sticky rice caught my eye. Good thing there were things other than food being sold at the flea market because I definitely wanted and needed the chance to walk off brunch & ice cream.

Maybe it is the Asian in me but I loveeeeeeeeee me some sticky rice! The flavors of this chicken satay sticky rice was really good. It is a little spicy but the (optional) hot sauce I think made it that much better. Bamboo Bites also sells this with other proteins (like pulled pork and tofu) and sweet varieties (mango and coconut) as well. Just hits all the right spots for me, definitely on my favorite food vendor list!

Monsieur Singh Mango Lassi Push Pop at Fort Greene Brooklyn Flea, NYC
Monsieur Singh Mango Lassi Push Pop at Fort Greene Brooklyn Flea, NYC
Monsieur Singh - Mango Lassi Push Pop $5
Monsieur Singh was the other item on Bestie C's "To Try" list for the day. I knew they were sold in Whole Foods so I was initially going to hold out on trying them. When I realized the brownie ice cream sandwich I really wanted from Luca & Bosco wasn't available, a mango push pop sounded suddenly so appealing. A mango lover is a mango lover. I am not one for things with mint or ginger so forget about having both in one food. But both of those ingredients were not too distinguishable for my palette. That's a plus in my books.

They also had a Passionfruit and Chia Seeds Push Pop which made deciding really difficult since I also like passionfruit flavored things. Bestie C opted for this one and said it was yummy. Maybe next time?

Fort Grace Guava Mango Melon Sorbet at Fort Greene Brooklyn Flea, NYC
Fort Grace - Guava Mango Melon Sorbet $3
This was the dark horse of the day. We spotted their stand during one of our many strolls around the flea market and the bright personalities of the two ladies there got us intrigued. We had a sample of a couple of their flavors and were set to cleanse our palettes with Fort Grace's light sorbet. The other ice creams we had were great and all but after all that heaviness the refreshing sorbet just hit the spot.

Since this Ice Cream Bonanza thing was a special yearly event at the Brooklyn Flea, I am not sure if all the ice cream vendors will be attending the Fort Greene flea market regularly. But there are a bunch of other places where they may be: various Smorgasburgs throughout the city, Hester Street Fair, and other flea/food markets. Otherwise some vendors could be found at their physical shops or tracked down via social media.

If anything looked good, the hunt for ice cream is on!
Anywho...who knew Fort Greene had so much to offer?