Red & Blue Velvet Mini Cupcakes

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As with all holidays where my mom invites a bunch of people over, I love to take the opportunity to test out new baking recipes. She always criticizes me for baking and eating (a majority) of it by myself since my family usually isn't interested in sweets.

Even though I have been more into baking cakes rather than cupcakes as of late, I knew that the cakes for this occasion would be taken care of since the 4th of July also happens to be my brother's birthday. When paired with the fact that my mom invited a friend over who works at a bakery and always brings 1 or 2 cakes over as gifts...there would be just too many cakes to spare if I also added to the list.

I chose to break out my little mini cupcakes maker since the stove area would be crowded all day for the dinner preparations. We got this cupcake maker many years ago and it hasn't been used a lot at all. While it does "bake" the mini cakes very quickly, I found that the coloring of the cupcakes tend to lean towards the duller side. For those that like a consistent color all around unlined cupcakes, this machine might not be a top pick for you. The sides usually brown up by the time the cupcakes are fully cooked through. I can't say the exact time it took for the machine to finish "baking" a round of cupcakes though. Just watch the lights on the machine and have a toothpick ready to test.
Double yolk egg, extra large egg, white egg
Like most other baking trials I have attempted, I found the recipes for the cupcakes on Pinterest.
For the red velvet cupcakes & cream cheese frosting I used Sally's Baking Addiction's recipe.
For the blue velvet cupcakes I used the same recipe for the batter but switched out the red food coloring for Wilton's Royal Blue and a little bit of Wilton's Violet.

I stuck to the exact measurements as the recipe stated...for the most part. The 3 deviations I made were:
  • using 2 extra large eggs instead of 2 large eggs
  • using slightly less than the 1 cup of sugar
  • probably incorporated way less than 2 tablespoons of red food coloring
    • I used the handle of a spoon to scoop some food coloring until I thought the batter looked about red/blue enough
We got a nice surprised while I was making the second batch of batter. Once I cracked opened the egg and began to separate the yolk from the whites, I noticed how the yolk seemed like it was ready to spill out at any moment. After a closer look I realized it was because there was not 1 but 2 yolks sitting in the shell. This was the first time I've seen anything like it in person. I have heard about it while searching the internet before but this was a nice surprise. I even showed my grandma and she got pretty excited to witness this too. But one of my aunts said she's seen plenty in China before. (Way to burst my excited bubble.)

The mini cupcakes came out alright even with those few changes. My family isn't into things that are too sweet and using a little less sugar seemed to fit their tastebuds well. The final colors of the cupcakes could have been a bit more vibrant but then again who wants to have tablespoons worth of food coloring in their goodies anyways? I think these were good enough...don't you think?

While I made 2 batches of cupcake batter, I only ended up making one batch of cream cheese frosting. There was more than enough to go on all the little cakes since I piped the frosting very sparingly. The icing was supposed to resemble a big star but I thought my icing was a little too a blob like icing ring had to do. I was pretty surprised to see that the icing ended up holding it's shape well throughout the day & night.
Red Velvet Cupcakes, Blue Velvet Cupcakes, July 4th cupcakes, mini cupcakes, cream cheese frosting, holiday baking
Since everyone in my family has been very into fruits and berries lately, I decided to decorate the mini cupcakes with blueberries and cut up strawberries. Don't plan to top the cupcakes with the fruits before the day of serving, the juices will most definitely run all over the frosting. Otherwise if you have sprinkles or other decorations handy it would look just as nice.

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After a long day of preparing, enjoying good food and company, and celebrating a loved one's birthday, nothing quite beats seeing fireworks out in my backyard. This year's mini show seemed much more extravagant. It also felt like it was a lot closer to my house than before. Maybe some people in my neighborhood put on their own show this year? Regardless, I am glad to be able to see it without having to fight the crowd near the Brooklyn Bridge.

Did you have a nice 4th of July (if you celebrated at all)?