Paint Nite at Raymi

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As a homebody, night time events like this is rare. Bestie C had asked if I would be interested in a painting session a month or so ago since she got a good deal for Paint Nite via Groupon. Being in the experimental mood lately I decided to give it a try. Plus, I've always been interested in learning to paint.
Urban Outfitters, Silence + Noise Witchy T-Shirt Dress, Black
Our Paint Nite session was held at Raymi in the Flatiron district. It felt nice to be in the area that was near my now alma mater. The event was held in a private space at the restaurant with a few long tables set up for everyone. I was quite surprised by how many people attended. There was barely any table room available once everybody settled in.
Urban Outfitters, Silence + Noise Witchy T-Shirt Dress, Black
The painting session lasted for a little over 2 hours and we had an instructor who guided us as we tried to recreate Starry Night by Van Gogh. But as our instructor said the point of the night wasn't to make a masterpiece but to relax and have fun! The restaurant had a bar area and waiters came around to take orders if desired. Bestie and I had drinks during dinner early so we passed.
Urban Outfitters, Silence + Noise Witchy T-Shirt Dress, Black
At the end of the 2 hours, this was my final results. There were times when I definitely wasn't following the instructions given. Did a lot of swipes rather than dashes, but that's alright. Whatever works! It looks nothing like the original Starry Night but it's similar enough to the example we were shown...I think?
Urban Outfitters, Silence + Noise Witchy T-Shirt Dress, Black
Salted caramel & Hazelnut Gelato from Eatlay NYC
Bestie and I couldn't resist the temptation of getting gelato since we were near Eatlay. I have walked past and near Eatlay many times over the last 4 years yet never went in. The gelato was pretty good but I have had better waffle cones. All the flavors available are pretty classic: sweet milk, chocolate, hazelnut, pistachio, etc. There are also sorbets and seasonal flavors as well that I didn't try this time around. Maybe another visit?

Does painting & drinks night sound like something you would enjoy?