Feeling Slightly Relieved

High school students in the U.S. are probably familiar with all the stress of junior year. One of the major stress contributor is the SAT. A standardized test that us students should try and do very well on if we want to go into a "good" college. To prove we have the ability to take a test under time pressure. I'm not sure if other countries also have to take these kind of tests. But they probably take something similar. (I'm assuming.)

March is one of the less hectic months this year. So I chose to take it this month. Some other classmates that were also taking it this month took a day off yesterday to cram vocabulary (it's a pretty big portion of the test). I wonder how they did...maybe all that extra cramming helped? My short vocab cramming definitely didn't help me much. Whenever I got to one that I really didn't understand, I chose not to answer it. Better than getting 1/4 point deducted for a wrong answer. One of the vocabulary questions had Anna Sui in it :P I just felt like throwing that in. It was amusing when I was reading that problem ^__^ The test itself was kind of like the practice ones that I was given at the prep school that I went to. It was a bit more nerve wrecking since this was the actual test that was going to determine my future (so important!). And like on the practice exams, I wasn't able to finish my essay. I was close but no dice. I just hope with all my might that it doesn't affect my score too much. It was a rather hard topic to discuss about too. Ahh..thinking back the English section (Reading, Writing, Essay) is really going to bring down my score. The math sections on the other hand were kind of easy IMO. But I could be wrong. Better not jinx anything...it was average :]

Now I'm going to be on the edge of my seat waiting for the scores to come out. I don't even know how long it usually takes for the scores to release. If anyone knows, can you tell me? The only good thing is if my score isn't as expected, I can take it 1 more time before college applications in September. But the only downside to that is...the possibility of doing worse than before >__<

Sorry if this post wasn't very interesting. I just felt like it belonged since it's my first time taking the SAT and this blog is filled with my firsts. ^__^ You're very welcomed to share your test taking experiences :]

Another Year Older + Small Bday Haul

Today felt like any other day. The only difference was it's my birthday. Unlike when I was little, I had no party and didn't hang out with friends. Instead, I did what I also do on Saturdays and went out for dinner with most of my family. Why most and not all? My uncle, grandma, and mom are all angry with each other and got into a huge fight over something that others would think is really stupid. Usually, when my family members get into fights, they would still go to each others' house for dinner or go out to each together for someone's birthday...but this time my uncle, his wife, and my baby cousin didn't come. Gee what a great way to say Happy Birthday. Here's your present, but I'm not going to celebrate your birthday with you. Yes, birthdays are supposed to be a happy occasion. Even if I don't do anything exciting, I still want to enjoy a meal with my family. But it didn't happen. And I think the situation got even worse. Now my parents aren't planning to go to my uncle's wife's birthday dinner because they didn't come to mine. Boy...and I thought kids were immature and are vengeful. I hope things get better. I hate seeing my family fight and getting all upset with each other. Ruin my big happy family picture :X


Onto something more beauty/present related :]
Very teeny weeny birthday haul.

Top: Sephora Birthday Gift
Bottom L to R: Laura Mercier Oil-Free Tinted Moisturizer in Sand & Korres Lip Butter in Jasmine

Inside look at the lip butter before I start to use it.
Doesn't it look all pretty? Tempting isn't it :P

I didn't get any presents, just birthday money for I good luck (I think since it was in a red envelope and all).
I did mention to my mom about getting a DSLR but I'm probably not going to be getting that. I'd be ecstatic but would feel bad because those are pretty expensive.

So yes...my happy, happy birthday.
I think the happiest parts of my birthday was when I was napping lol
Nothing to worry about but be happy for me.
Did any of you guys have bad celebration experiences?


Last night, I'm sure many of you probably were watching the Olympics. Honestly, when it comes to the Winter Olympics, I usually look forward (and ended up only watching) the women's figure skating portion. When I was little, I watched it because Michelle Kwan was in it. This time, I was really looking forward to seeing Kim Yuna. And there was no disappointment. She won! I was really excited. I'm no skating expert, nor do I follow every skating event there is...but I don't know, I just really liked her program :] I still would love to see Michelle Kwan skate though, it's been years (makes me sound so old :X)! Maybe they could skate together or in the same event at some point in the future? ^__^

**Pictures from NY Times.


Second exciting news!
Today was a snow day for NYC students. This might not sound really exciting for others who get snow days often. But in NYC, unless there is like a ridiculous amount of snow, it is snowing really hard, etc. school is always open. For as long as I can remember, we've only had a maximum of 1 snow day per school year. This year there were 2 (so far). I thought it was highly unlikely that Mayor Bloomberg would cancel school...but I guess the impossible can happen :]

I first heard about this great news at around 5:30 in the morning. Yes, you heard right..5:30. I was still sleeping when my friend sent me a text message telling me the news. It was hard to process in my half-asleep state. I think a lot of people would jump up for joy and forget about sleeping, but honestly, a part of me thought "really? I don't believe it!". I think I'm the only person that'll question a snow day :P


One not so happy news. Especially for 2pm fans.
I couldn't believe it when I read about it.
And a part of me still doesn't believe it.
But...Park Jaebeom
Leader of 2pm
Is not going to be a part of 2pm again :(
Apparently, he did something that is worse than the internet comments he made so many years ago
And they can't tell us why because of personal reasons(?)
But then they still continued to plan for his comeback until recently,
They decided to terminate their contract with him.
Unless I'm not reading their notice correctly...I'm really lost.
Now even the slight hope that I had is crushed.

So..how was your Friday? :]