Birthday Presents!!~

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Another year older! And I am of legal age :]
But it doesn't feel much different LOL *Sigh*

My birthday (both Gregorian calendar and lunar calendar..what a coincidence) was actually last month. I only officially celebrated one with my family though because all my friends' have very busy lives (unlike me..which reminds me I need to find a job ASAP before college). But no fret we did celebrate and I had a great time :] Most of my friends aren't the giving presents type as we decide to just hang out instead. But Bestfriend is of course Bestfriend and we've always given presents to each other (at least as far as I can remember we have). This year was a bit more special since our interests have expanded a lot since we've both delved further in the beauty world (me more-so than her), so there were more options for present choices. When she gave me the bag with these two wrapped boxes I was 99% sure what they were. And I loved them, even more, when I did open it :D You'll see why!


First..I went ahead to Sephora and got my birthday present/product. I must say I'd choose this over last year's choice any day..I haven't used it yet but it sounds delicious!

From Bestfriend:

So cute!! :D

Hehe my card has been purple every single year. Not that I'm complaining..purple is my favorite color! I wonder if she's going to run out of purple cards to give me LOL Of course, it had a lovely message inside but that's a bit too personal for blog sharing :X

TADAAA! My Beauty Diary MASKS!!
Bird's Nest and the LE/SE Alice in Wonderland themed set
I already have the Bird's Nest but really do like it so, of course, I do not mind having another one :]

So cute right?!

Could anyone translate? I can't read Chinese =X

I think all the masks that come in this set are new, correct me if I'm wrong. I also have never seen these being sold in its own individual box nor have I heard of them (other than on Blair's blog). I'm excited to try them all, especially the Arbutin Whitening and Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Masks.


  1. Hmmm the shower gel looks yummy! Happy birthday (=

  2. Ooh that Alice in Wonderland themed set is adorable! Happy Belated, Mandy~! :)

  3. Happy Belated Birthday :) Haha, when I saw the wrapped boxes I immediately had a feeling they were MBD masks!

  4. G A B Y: I know! It's suppose to be vanilla birthday cake flavored? I can't wait to use it! Thank you!!

    Lora: Yup! I wish they had Alice in Wonderland themes on the mask packaging too (like the Hello Kitty ones). Thank you!

    AngelicBetrayal: Thank you! I thought the same thing. But I was good and kept myself from unwrapping it until my birthday :P

  5. happy belated birthday :D masks masks and more masks!

  6. Jennifer: Thank you! I want to try other brands though..wish they were more popular here. Beauty stores usually only sell MBD and some various japanese ones.

  7. I hope you had a great birthday! :) 21 sounds like a baby to me!! :)

    You should def try the Purity cleanser :) I hope it won't tighten around your face. The best cleanser I've ever used is the Purity one :)

  8. Happy belated! <3 your pressies. =D

  9. Rainy Days and Lattes: I'm still 3 years away from that :P I think I'm very young compared to many bloggers lol & I can't wait to try it but I want to try to finish some older cleasers I've had forever first.

    Shop N' Chomp: Thank you! ^__^

  10. Happy belated!!!!!!! ^__________________^ woah 18 years old... so young >< (makes me sad.. LMAO!!) but I know what you mean I don't feel any different with every passing bdays. hahaha.

    I think the pink one should contain eye masks as well?! cuz it says it contains stuff to help reduce wrinkles and darkness around the eye area blah blah blah. lol basically all of them were just saying what ingredients the mask contains, and what they do specifically. In short these benefits whitens your face, reduce wrinkles and make your skin feel firmer. :)