More Empties! - MAR `11

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I'm proud to say that I was able to finish more than 3 products this month. (It should have really been only 2 because one of the products I left a little behind so I could see if I would miss using the product for a while lol.) Although the other two products, however, lasted me quite some time so I'm very happy to be able to finally finish them. This means that I could try new products! Yay ^__^

I will post reviews on these, hopefully within the month. I've had them drafted for a long time but never got around to turning them into posts =X


This lasted me close to a year. But let's be fair...I did use this only at night time for about half a year because at the time that I got this the weather was warm and this moisturizer was pretty thick. Then late fall and throughout a majority if not all of winter I used this day and night. It worked very well at keeping my skin moisturized throughout the day but I didn't really see much changes on my pores or spots. Maybe it's because it's targeted towards adult acne? So I will not be repurchasing this but it was a great product nonetheless.

This was one of those I don't love it but I don't hate it products. It was nice and refreshing and I felt that it did clean some left over residue sometimes after I cleansed, but I didn't particularly notice any significant changes towards my pores and acne like it is targeted to. However, like I said for the emulsion, it might be because this line is for adult acne but I don't quote me on that because I'm not sure how different teenage and adult acne are. This lasted me almost a year and I used this both day and night. But only 2 shakes/drops each time which I found was just enough for my face. I will probably not repurchase this either since there are so many other products to try out.

I must say I really liked this product. It kept my skin moisturized and made it feel soft when I used it. But when I had a really parched(?) nose from having the sniffles for a period of time and rubbing it constantly with tissues it did almost nothing for it. So this would probably work a lot better for me personally during the summer and when I do not have allergies. I most likely won't be repurchasing this even though it was a pretty good product.


See a lot more progress than last month! :P But these products were already towards its end in February so I do not know if I'll be able to finish anything next month lol

Did anyone else finish products this month?
Have you tried any of these products?


  1. Ah, you haven't posted in awhile! I thought you were gone from blogger, but you're not after all :)

    Good job for finishing up those products! I'm finishing up quite a lot of my skincare products as well since I've been using them for so long. I also tend to switch products between the colder/drier months and hotter/oilier months ^^

    Please show us what you're using in place of these products!!

  2. AngelicBetrayal: lol I've been commenting on blogs sporadically but I do browse around my dashboard. I'm just trying to keep up with all the work from school despite how "easy" others made senior year to be. Hopefully I'll be less occupied once I admit into a college and APs etc are over *cross my fingers*

    Thanks for the advice :P I'll try to post about it soon. Haven't decided on whether I love/hate/like the products I'm using right now or not though..

  3. Yay congrats for you finished products of the month! :D I tried the Laneige toner but it was way too strong for my skin :(

  4. nice list! I actually finished like 8 of those toners. I agree I did not hate but did not love, I just kept repurchasing bc I did not know what to get. Now I do that with a Neutrogena toner which is cheaper. I just keep going back when I dont know what else to try.
    Might try the Garnier in the spring!

  5. LittoMokaa: TY :] Really? Ah just another thing to complicate our lives with..products working differently for everyone. lol What toner do you currently use?

    Lilladylife: I think I'd do the same if it didn't cost so much here. But I'm just going to be brave and try new products until I find one that I like and hopefully it won't be too expensive xD Do try it! If you do write about how it worked for you hehe I don't think it would work well for me in the spring time because I have very bad allergies :\