First Step Forward

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I'm always interested in BB Creams. In fact, they are the main reason why I became so interested in makeup and beauty. But I have yet to find THE one for me (mainly because of my different colored face and neck shades..) They always sounded so perfect and the product that seemed most reasonable to enter the makeup world with no? All in one product that claims to do almost everything?

I was going through my Dashboard a couple of hours ago and saw Dr.Jart+ but didn't pay much attention to the blog name. When I got to the page I realized that it was Sephora's blog...I was shocked and excited. Is BB Cream finally making its way into the American market? I know Missha has their American ONLINE store and a specially made shade for darker skin, there is always eBay etc to buy BB Creams, and big companies like MAC/Bobbi Brown/Dior/etc have made BB Creams but were Asia exclusives..but for a store in American to distribute BB Cream is definitely a first (at least for me). The prices seem about the same as what I've seen online if not maybe even cheaper? But the price is definitely up there when compared to brands like Skinfood/Etude House/etc. As of right now Sephora only carries 2 products from the company and these are the only BB Creams (I wonder if they'll have a separate BB Cream category from now on if they decide to bring more BB Creams under their wings..)

The only thing that I see a noticeable difference that I see is that Sephora/Dr. Jart calls these Beauty Balms rather than Blemish Balms. IDK Maybe they're the same just chose to market it differently? The packaging looks very similar to the Blemish Balms that they already have out (such as the ones seen at eBay and Sasa).

Disclaimer: I am definitely not affiliated with/paid by either Dr.Jart+ or Sephora. I just thought it was interesting to find and wanted to share. Links are just normal money received whatsoever. Feel free to click :]


  1. didnt' notice Dr. Jart has landed in sephora!!! I think they used BeautY Balms instead of Blemish balms to market coz the latter name reminds ppl that it's sth they used after cosmetic surgery =.= i guess that's not a good idea to sell it eh?

  2. Jennifer: Hmm maybe..I'm curious how BB Creams will sell though :P Musings of a Muse pointed out that they didn't state it was tinted which is a very important point! I can't wait to hear her reviews about it.

  3. OMG~ I saw this on the website a couple weeks ago. ^.^ i was like ...wat?? sephora with BB cream? hahaha that was my initial reaction.

    im just happy that Sephora is branching out and selling more more Asian goodies. yayy.

  4. Popcorn: Me too! I hope they'll start to bring more asian products ^__^ I saw these at the Sephora Soho the last time I went. Glad that it isn't an online only product too.