Love Package from BEAUTIFUL CANVAS

10:03:00 AM mandy 2 Comments

No..I didn't win another giveaway. This is a different love package.

About a month ago, I emailed a blogger than I followed, BEAUTIFUL CANVAS (do check out her blog! Most of her reviews are short and to the point. Great for those days where you still want your blog fix but don't necessarily have the time and patience to read long reviews lol) and asked if she would be interested in swapping an item that I saw she was selling on her blog sale. I wasn't expecting much since I was just a stranger but she replied a while later and said she'd love to. So I thought why not since our products don't work well for us..maybe it would work better for the other person.

Keep in mind, I have never swapped anything before so this was a lovely new experience. My package to her did get there a lot later than expected which caused a lot of worrying but it did reach its destination, YAY! ^__^

The main point of the whole swap was this foundation. I bought it in shade Yellow Ocher 01 and I thought that it would work for my face pretty well but, of course, my neck is at least 2-3 shades darker and is so stubborn and won't lose its tan so I couldn't possibly wear it. When I saw that she had Natural Ocher 02 I asked her on a whim. I haven't tried it yet but hopefully, it'll be dark enough to match my neck. If not let's hope I can lighten my neck shade so I can still give this product much love :P


  1. Aww blog swaps sounds so fun and all! I'd love to do blog swaps too!

    The cream foundation seems quite promising so hopefully you can work it out!!

    BTW I want to follow you via GFC but the followers box isn't displaying!! I think it's my computer error..

    Poo :(


  2. deerest: Hmm that is weird..I think I might have fixed it but I'm not positive. Thanks for letting me know! I can't wait to try it. Hopefully it'll work well for me and I won't feel the need to purchase a foundation for the mean time =P