March 2011 Collective Haul

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This month..well technically last month since it's already April...I tried really hard to not buy as much as I usually do. And I guess to some extent I did control myself. But instead of buying skin care and makeup products, I ended up buying quite a lot of nail polishes =X Mostly because a lot of them were highly sought after and I felt I MUST have them. Anyone else has this *ahem* problem? >__> I tend to buy a lot of things because of this..hehe But in reality when I added up my spendings for this month, compared to January and February I spend considerably less. Hopefully, now that I have a lot of polishes that have been on my wishlist and am trying to spend less makeup and skincare-wise I'll continue to purchase less monthly? *crosses my fingers*

Onto my haulage for March! :D

Daisan Mekuru Cotton

I actually bought this in February and somehow forgot to include it with that post so here it is! I've seen a video of a Japanese woman (forgot her name..) that used something similar for a DIY mask and thought it was rather interesting so when I saw that the beauty stores in Chinatown carry these, I got a bit over excited and purchased a box to try. I haven't used them yet but do plan to use it with my Hada Labo SHA Lotion :] When I do I'll try to post about it.

OPI Last Friday Night & OPI Teenage Dream

AHH! The glittery gems of the month! :D I actually purchased these from necessary★nails. I actually know her in real life (not I really wanted to try these because they looked very pretty despite how sheer everyone said they were. I have only tried Last Friday Night and must say it is pretty BUT you'll definitely need to pair it up with a base color. Like most glitters, it is a pain in the butt to take off. These were also the first around retail/full priced OPIs that I've purchased in a VERY long time. I tend to get my polishes from nail supply stores for a fraction of the price =X

Essie Matte About You

Best friend and I got this particular one together. I've been wanting to try a matte topcoat/polish for soo long but never really looked for them because a lot of stores didn't seem to sell them. I did find it once at a store called Ricky's but it was overpriced IMO. When Best friend told me that a drugstore (Walgreens..or Rite-aid..I don't remember) by our school had this I was determined to get it. However.....I tried it a few times and I gotta say I didn't love it as much as I thought I would. Bummer. It looked nice but I think it looks a bit strange on me. Makes my hand look more mature (if that makes any sense lol).

Steve Madden Oxford Flats in Cognac

My first DSW purchase! That place is shoe heaven. ^__^ I would love to thank my best friend (hehe shopping buddy) for giving me her discount!! I've wanted these for a really long time (and another pair of oxford flats also by steve madden) but felt it was too expensive. Since the DSW I went to didn't have the size in the color that I wanted in the other style I got these instead. They are so pretty! But a bit painful to walk in right now because the heel area is a bit too stiff since it is very new..hopefully nothing a good break-in can't fix :D

Victoria Secret Smooth FX Lip Scrub & Balm

After hearing Fuzkittie praises on this product and since I was running low on my Lush lip scrub, I decided to purchase this. I know and you probably all know from my past hauls that I definitely do not need another lip balm but another one doesn't hurt? Right? ^^; I haven't tried this yet because I want to finish my Lush lip scrub first (which I don't particularly like..sad to say). But judging by the look of its consistency, I MIGHT like this lip scrub much better. Has anyone else tried this product?

Revlon Perplex & Orly Galaxy Girl

More polishes! *looks away in shame* I couldn't help myself. I found Revlon Perplex out of sheer coincidence at my local CVS and couldn't pass the chance up. And!! It was BOGO 50%...I know, those are just ways to get people to buy more than what they really need but I'm a sucker for those kinds of things. I haven't tried Perplex yet but it looks very pretty! On the other hand, I did try out Galaxy Girl because I found that I love applying polishes that look similar (with lots of fine shimmers but not huge glitter chunks). It wasn't what I imagined it to be but it's very nice. I will be posting swatches for this soon actually! Haven't done that in a while now have I? :P

Oh another item that I purchased partially because of "It's LE! I MUST HAVE IT!" syndrome and partially because I LOVE this particular group (one of many actually lol but that's another story that I may or may not talk about lol) is...UNIQLO's ... Big Bang ... Gray Hoodie. ^__^ I'm very thankful for living in a city where there is a Uniqlo store. And thanks to Best friend, again, for alerting me that this collection was being sold here...I went ahead and purchased this (as did best friend). By the time we got there, it had already been close to a week since it was first shelved and sold so not too many sizes were available (since it a men's line). But who cares? IMO I love hoodies & I've always wanted a high collar/scuba neck (not sure its exact name) styled hoodie. I love Big Bang. I don't mind wearing "made with a male in mind" hoodie :D Maybe it's just me? H
I'm sorry that I don't have a picture for this one because I don't like to model clothes (too self-conscious :X) and I forgot to take a picture of it when it was all new. Maybe in the future? If you guys are curious..please make use of Google Images, it'll be your best friend! :P

Alright, enough of my fangirl moment...

Overall it wasn't that bad..right? :]
What kind of things did you purchase last month..if any?


  1. Great haul! Both of the glittery nail polishes are so pretty~~

  2. DinaXYYan: They are! I just wish they showed up more like the way it looks in the bottle =\

  3. oh i love the shoes! i keep wanting to wear oxfords but i dont have the leg shape for it!!

  4. I love your taste in nail shades! And those Steve Madden shoes are sooo cute! xox

  5. Lilladylife: You should get at least a pair! :] I definitely do not have the leg shape for them but I think it looks not too bad with skinnies. IMO

    su-pah: TY! :]

  6. Argh, I want those OPI polishes! ;) Great March haul!