Target Goodies

12:34:00 PM mandy 0 Comments

I signed up for this in I think February? And forgot all about it until Nouveau Cheap posted about it. I honestly thought Target forgot or couldn't send enough for everyone until I saw this in my room when I came home (about a month ago). It isn't much but I'm excited to try the products out :D

My package came opened? Hence the rubber band. But nothing inside was touched...Maybe my neighbor who also has the same name as me opened it by accident?

The bag is really nice! I love the colors although if I saw this at Target and was looking for a makeup bag it probably wouldn't be the first thing I'd consider lol

Another lip balm...! Geez I think I have enough to last me for years xD
I haven't tried this yet but did take a sniff at it. If I'm correct there is mint in there and that is one product that I really prefer my lip products to NOT have...Maybe it'll be a good enough product for me to not mind. I don't know yet...

Did anyone else sign up and get their target sample bag yet?